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Central Texas Shingle Recycling and R.A.S. supplier

The #1 use of recycled shingles is to make roads! Ground-up shingles are typically added up to 5% to pavement and in many cases actually improve the quality of pavement.

Recycling cost varies. It is almost always cheaper than landfilling and can often be made even less expensive if you separate materials properly

You don’t have to pull out nails – they are separated by powerful magnets on the shingle grinder, and get recycled too!



Shingle Recycling, LLC is a company developed to further promote environmental stewardship and sustainability related to a particular waste stream, shingles. We have been an industry leader in the field of tear-off shingle processing. Shingle Recycling, LLC will save tens of thousands of cubic yards of landfill space by recycling shingles that are removed from roofs this year. Not only does this process conserve landfill space, but it also reduces the dependence on virgin oil currently used to manufacture hot mix asphalt.

Recycling for our future - one roof at a time